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Frequently asked questions

You have more questions which aren't answered below? Don't hesitate to contact us:


What are the requirements for startups to apply?

As mentioned on the main page, startups have to be founded as a legal entity in Austria, have at least an MVP and have to be looking for investment up to € 1mio.


Who will receive the pitch deck and the information about your startup?

We will share your pitch deck & contact data with our strategic partners (invest.austria, AustrianStartups, Pegasus Tech Ventures). As we work together at the Startup World Cup, we need to share the data internally. We also share the data with our jury members. Check out the jury section to find out who they are! 


Who decides which startups get to pitch at the pre-events?

An internal committee from invest.austria and AustrianStartups select the startups based on their application and pitch decks. Startups with a WildCard skip the first round of this two-step process. At each pre-event one startup of each category will be selected by the jury for the Austrian finals.


Where will the pre-events take place?

The pre-events will take place offline in four cities in Austria:

Team west: Innsbruck, Inncubator
Team south: Graz, Unicorn
Team north: Linz, Startrampe OÖ

Team Vienna: Vienna, AustrianStartups Summit


How many startups pitch at the pre-events?

A maximum of 12 startups pitch per pre-event for the chance to enter the Austrian finals.


How long will each startup pitch for?

Each startup will be allocated 3 minutes to pitch followed by 2 minutes of Q&A with the jury.


Who is the jury at these events?

The jury at all events consists of industry experts.


What do the winners of the pre-events get?

The winners of the pre-events get the chance to pitch at the finals in Vienna as well as prizes from our local partners.


What is the schedule for the pre-events & the finals? How long do the events last?

The pre-events consist of up to twelve startup pitches and the winner announcement, with short breaks in between. The finale consists of a fireside chat and the pitch competition. In total, one pre-event will last about three hours and the finale about four hours. An exact schedule will be sent out prior to the events. All events will end with a networking party.


Where will the Austrian finals take place?

The finals will be taking place at the WKO (Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1050 Vienna). 


What are the criteria used to judge the pitches?

The jury evaluates the following criterias: idea, problem, market needs, traction, competitive advantage, business plan, team and the pitch itself.


What does the winner of the Austrian finals get?

The winner of the Austrian finals will get the chance to pitch in front of investors at the world finals, where there is a chance to receive 1M investment from Pegasus Tech Ventures. He will also be provided with contacts and travel expenses. The winner will also receive prizes from our partners.


How can a startup pitch at the World Finale? 

Startup World Cup will have 50+ regional events across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Each regional winner will compete in Silicon Valley for the final competition in San Francisco on October 4, 2024 at Hilton Union Square, San Francisco. More details can be found on the Grand Finale Page.


What does the world champion get for winning the final competition?

The winner of the Grand Finale will receive US $1,000,000 prize in investment. It will either be in exchange for a portion of equity related to the most recent round of funding or a convertible note, depending on the size of the company and how much funding they have raised.

They will also receive global exposure through media recognition from all of the journalists covering the event. Selected sponsors will also be providing additional prizes to be announced.


Do I have to pitch in English?

Yes, the event series is conducted completely in English, therefore you cannot pitch in German.


Can I submit a different pitch deck than in the application later on?

Yes. The pitch deck you submit during the application can be more detailed and you are welcome to submit any additional documents to support your case. For the live pitches at the pre-events you will be asked to send in a leaner/shorter pitch deck at a later point.

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